If I were going to write a book, here is one idea I would consider:

A lot of books and movies today are pretty terrible in their basic premise and plot.  I came up with one that I think are pretty good and would make a pretty decent book, which could then be adapted into movies.  I don’t think there’s much franchising we could do with this idea, but I think that they would make a lot of people spend some money to find out what ultimately happens.  Good news for me: if I see that people eventually do something with this idea who aren’t me, I think I can get some money out of the whole situation since this is a dated and timestamped post on the internet where these ideas are technically copyrighted by me.  Or, at least, I hope that’s how it works.

 1.     A compulsive gambler who is extremely indecisive.  Sample excerpt:

Frank knew that if he didn’t win some money quickly, his friends were going to be none to happy that he wasn’t paying them back.  This was his last chance.  He had withdrawn the remaining five thousand dollars from his checking account earlier that morning and had just hopped a train to Atlantic City, looking to win the twenty five thousand he needed to cover his past indiscretions.

As he exited the train, he looked around nervously, and walked slowly towards the line of cabs outside the train station.  After he told the driver where he wanted to go, he slouched down in the backseat, wondering if he would be able to make back everything he had lost.

When he arrived at the casino, he was overcome with fear and anxiety.  The pit in his stomach was growing larger by the hour.  He knew he desperately had to make the money back, but he was completely unsure how he was going to go about doing it.  He argued with himself by the front entrance to the casino, while patrons were walking in around him.

“Well, I need to win, and win quickly.  My best bet is poker.  If I catch a couple good hands in a row, and I’m playing with some amateurs, I’ll be able to force them out.  But, I don’t know, what if I get someone who doesn’t know what they are doing and they steal the cards I need to hit that flush?  Damnit.  I can’t play poker.  I can’t risk all of my money on poker.  That’s off my list.”

By now, Frank was starting to sweat and he was becoming more disheveled.  Casino staff passing by asked him if he was ok and if he needed help but he shrugged them off.

“Ok, poker is out.  Let’s go with roulette.  I put five grand on black and I double up to ten thousand just like that.  From there, I play a little more cautious.  Only bet five again, this time on red, because the same color can’t come out twice in a row.  Or can it?  Oh God.  I can’t risk all my money betting one color.  That’s crazy.  I know!  I’ll play the first eighteen or the last eighteen.  I have a way better chance of winning that way.  But what if 0 or 00 comes out?  I’d be ruined.  I’d lose all of my money in one or two wheelspins.  No, no, roulette isn’t an option, either.”

As he surveyed his surroundings, he realized he was standing closest to the craps table.  He had read before that craps gave you the best odds, statistically, to win a good amount of money.

He walked up to the table, nodded nervously to the pitboss, and laid his five thousand on the table.  A twinge went down his spine.

Luckily, he was given the five thousand in hundred dollar chips, so he didn’t have to decide how he wanted it split up.  Good, he thought.  That was one less decision he had to make.  When it came time to make his bet, he placed one thousand on the field, feeling rather confident.  As the shooter picked up the dice, Frank reached over the table and pulled the money back.  Once the dice landed, he could see that an eleven was rolled, and he got a sick feeling in his stomach knowing he just lost a chance to win a thousand dollars.

“I think all these nerves are going to make me have to use the bathroom.  But I don’t know if I should use a public bathroom or just wait until I get home.”

As the waitress asked him if he wanted a drink on the house, he threw his chips up into the air and screamed with a fierce terror.

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