Remembering Simon Gagne

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was written for The Broad Street Bully, a blog and podcast my friend Drew and I started based off of our mutual interest in the Philadelphia Flyers. See it on]

Simon Gagne retired from the NHL last week but he will leave a lasting impression in every Flyers fan’s mind.  While he may not have won a Stanley Cup during his time in Philadelphia, Gagne still had some memorable moments.

2004 Against the Lightning: Overtime.  On a line with Jeremy Roenick and Keith Primeau.  In a game six where the Flyers needed to win.  Gagne was out of the ice.  And he didn’t disappoint.  Gagne snapped up a juicy rebound and ended Game 6 with his goal.  The Flyers eventually went on to lose to the Lighting while they were en route to the Stanley Cup but true Flyers fans won’t forget Gagne ending Game 6.

4 on 4 Done in 0:07: Forsberg won the faceoff and seven short seconds later Gagne ended the game.

The Entire 2010 Boston Series: There’s nothing I can say about Simon Gagne in this series that isn’t already an integral part of Flyers history.  Gagne, and this whole team, was one of the most unlikely Stanley Cup challengers in a long time.  The Flyers stormed back from 3-0 down against Boston to win the series 4-3 carried on the backs of a number of players.  But mostly Gagne in game four and game seven.  Enjoy the videos.  RIP Bro Hymn.

Scoring in His Return: If you watch closely, you’ll see a cameo by Erik Gustaffson.  Just hit mute.  It’s the NBC Sports annoucers.  And watch Gagne score in his return game after he was sent out of the town.

Gagne Skates, and Almost Drops, the Cup: Gagne didn’t win it in Philly.  But he did eventually win it with Los Angeles.  Here’s the video of Gagne skating, and almost dropping, the Stanley Cup.

The Time He Scored, But Didn’t Score: Oh, NHL.  You crazy.  Gagne scored.  It went to video review.  It’s pretty obvious it’s a goal.  But, it wasn’t.  He got shafted.

Anyway, what did I miss?  What is your favorite Gagne moment?

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