Flyers Fans Can Waive Goodbye to Andy MacDonald

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I decided to hit the comments section from a couple websites and put together a general consensus about how Flyers fans feel about the waiving of Andy MacDonald yesterday morning.  After one full day to digest all the information, Flyers fans seem to be taking it all in stride.

It’s impressive that Flyers fans are able to handle all this heartbreak.  I mean, uh, wait.

Actually, the responses may not even surprise you at all if you actually like the Flyers and have been following them for any amount of time since Holmgren signed MacDonald to the extension.

I’m literally stunned. And in the best way possible

Wayne’s World!  Wayne’s World!  Party time!  Excellent!

Bolder move from Hextall than I expected. I thought he would nibble around the edges with an  Umberger or move Laughton or some less impactful move. Granted the move doesn’t recover much under the cap but I am just impressed with Hextall and his moves towards trying to right this ship. They will not be a playoff team and I think most fans know that but this could be the season where other GM’s take some of the bad contracts at the trade deadline.  Cleaning up some more mess and getting a top 10 pickup would be a good push forward.

Top 10!  Auston Matthews, ahoy!  Will they finish in the bottom of the league?  Would you prefer them to finish in the bottom of the league rather than somewhere in the middle?  Do you want them to finish anywhere except as Stanley Cup Champions?  Why am I asking you so many questions?

i don’t know how much luck he will need making 5 over the next 5. Sounds like lady luck has already paid him one h el l of a visit if you ask me and her name was Homer

Andy MacDonald did the smart thing.  Play pretty solid in your contract year, cash in early, and ride your guaranteed money all the way to the bank.  Who needs to go hard into corners and play the body when you’re already getting your guaranteed cash!

Seems that it is not only the Leafs with bad contracts to deal with.  What was Philly thinking giving McDonald that contract?  It has to be one of worst (along with Clarkson).  Phaneuf contract doesn’t look so bad compared to McDonald.  But of course the haters only bash the Leafs for things like this.  Every team has made mistakes not just the Leafs.

Fortunately for the Flyers, they got two compliance buyouts to get rid of two terrible contracts.  Unfortunately for the Flyers, Holmgren signed like seven others.  Honorable mention to people trying to squeeze the Maple Leafs into something completely unrelated.

No one will claim LeCavalier, Umberger or MacDonald. Not a single team. Waive 3 of them.

Let’s not get greedy now.  Lecavalier can’t get waived anyway because he has a no movement clause.  And Umberger’s parents don’t even want him (I assume.  Who knows?).

Andrew McDonald not to be confused with the one who plays for the Blues, and you know, is actually good. This guy is an over-paid grinder, Flyers had no choice.

So, just to clarify: the Flyers Andy MacDonald is the one that stinks.  The one that plays for the Blues is, you know, actually good.

Homer crippled this team with asinine trades and moronic cap management. Homer, Kelly and RAJ are the three worst GMs were/are the three worst GMs in their respective sports and Philly fans were/are stuck with them.

I guess it wouldn’t be a Philly sports article until someone chimes in about how much they also hate the Phillies and Eagles.  But they left out the 76ers.  If we’re going to applaud stinking, they’re the Oscar winners.

I guess Hexy couldn’t find another GM dumber than Holmgren to take MacDonald in a trade.  I liked MacDonald, but he played about 2-3 months of decent hockey and Homer thought he was going to be Brian Leetch.  To bad they don’t have anymore amnesties.  Then again, they would need about 10 with all the idiotic moves Homer made.

Paul Holmgren: Franchise Crippler.  Hamstringing the Flyers since ’06.

Somebody has to pick up the beer tab for the Phantoms.

Apparently, the Flyers have found Andy MacDonald’s new role on the Phantoms’ blue line.  Having him pick up bar tabs is probably better than having him take Hagg or Ghost’s spot anywhere in the lineup.

With VLC and Ganger already announced as sitting out opening night (how bad must they have looked that it’s decided 4 days in advance they won’t be playing) plus MacDonald, what’s that, like $17 Million on the bench?

At least they’ll be able to buy snacks for the whole suite!  And Gagner came over in that trade for Pronger’s contract and only has one year left on his deal.  If he doesn’t play then who cares?  It’s not like he’ll be here next year if that’s the case.

Can MacDonald be sent to the ECHL? Don’t want his stink rubbing off on any of the prospects.

Andy MacDonald played every game as a member of the ECHL.  The Extremely Crappy Hockey League.  I’ll see myself out.

My god was Holmgren ever bad at signing contracts.

–> yeah good thing they promoted him. i guess firing him wasn’t an option.

—->He was like Santa Clause with contracts that were way over paid.

The award for best sequential comments goes to these three guys.

Just another great contract from Holmgren. Makes you wonder how some of these guys get to be GMs.

Makes you wonder how Holmgren got promoted higher up in the Flyers organization after Hextal took over!  Go Flyers!

I’m having flashbacks to Denis Gauthier. Wasn’t he the highest paid player in the AHL when the Flyers sent him down?

Dude.  Denis Gauthier.  Great call back.  I didn’t even remember that guy.

I do kinda miss those days when everyone would defend that bum goalie……..Like hey THE LIGHTS GOT IN HIS EYES OK! THE DEFENSE DIDNT ALL JUMP INTO THE PUCK FOR HIM! While he routinely got beat on every shot with a reaction time of a 50+ year old retiree. Amazing how he only played like 5 more games in the nhl due to major injuries on the team after he was cut………..hmmm

I think that they’re talking about Hextall?  I’m not sure.  This article was about Andy MacDonald.  Why bother with reading and context?

I just peed a little.

We all did.

he was traded for a second round pick and minor leaguer. hardly being


The Flyers had no business offering him that much money, which is why the Islanders walked when the option came to resign him.

How did Garth Snow win a trade?  Seriously? He was an average goalie and now an average GM.  And, apparently, better than Holmgren.

Now we hope the Bruins claim him. Based of the stupid moves they have made this offseason it is possible

Stupid moves.  Rebuilding.  Tomato.  Toe-mah-toe.

Flyers fans are happy but Phantoms fans are pissed. He will not even be the best Phantom defensemen….

Well, I mean, at least he tries.  And trying is all that matters.  Right?

How the SR. Management looks at the bumbles by Holmgren and yet still give him a paycheck is beyond me. He should be completely removed of all duties and responsibilities for this team. Bryz, LeCavalier, MacDonald, Luke Schenn. He set this team back 4-5 years in the rebuild! He is making serious money to do nothing at this point. I’m so sick of the old boy network within the team. I pay a LOT of money to watch this team play knowing they won’t compete for a cup for at least 5-6 years from now. And guess what, that will be about the time they’ll need to look at what they’re going to do with Giroux, Voracek, and Simmonds because they’ll be too old to compete at a high level, so the rebuild will continue. The idea was to rebuild the team to get back to the finals while those 3 were your core players. Thanks Homer, you really tripped over the blue line!!!


Wow – to think we got JVR for Luke Schenn – UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Even in an Andy MacDonald post, someone has to rub salt in the JVR wounds.

The Islanders were paying him 550K per year, and we signed him for 5M per year?

Did Homer misplace the decimal point?  Just awful.

Overpaying was so Paul Holmgren-esque.  Or he has one of those learning disorders and he did mix up the decimals.  If that’s true than this person will probably feel terrible about poking fun at his condition.

MacDonald is the only person on this planet who is shocked. Good luck, AMac. You’re going to need it.

Luck?  Where he’s going, he won’t need luck.  He’ll just need someone to make sure his seat on the bus is empty.

Happy trails, Andy.  Judging from the comments, not many people are going to miss you.

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