If I were going to write a book, here is one idea I would consider:

A lot of books and movies today are pretty terrible in their basic premise and plot.  I came up with one that I think are pretty good and would make a pretty decent book, which could then be adapted into movies.  I don’t think there’s much franchising we could do with this idea, but I think that they would make a lot of people spend some money to find out what ultimately happens.  Good news for me: if I see that people eventually do something with this idea who aren’t me, I think I can get some money out of the whole situation since this is a dated and timestamped post on the internet where these ideas are technically copyrighted by me.  Or, at least, I hope that’s how it works. Continue reading “If I were going to write a book, here is one idea I would consider:”

An Edited 9/11 Tribute

My dad is a volunteer firefighter, and Vice President of the company, in Westampton.  He asked me to proofread a piece he wrote that will be submitted to their website and possibly used in their new display room that includes a piece of the World Trade Center steel.  He gave me carte blanche to edit as I saw necessary, and after a half hour of tweaks and rewriting sentences, this is the result:  Continue reading “An Edited 9/11 Tribute”

Movies that could’ve been shorter if the villains had been smarter

There are a lot of times when you’re watching a movie and you get so frustrated because the villain doesn’t appear to even try to be successful.  As a result, you sit there about ready to throw a shoe through the television because their stupidity is irking straight through to your core.  I’ve watched enough movies now to rewrite certain villains to make them successful at what they do. Continue reading “Movies that could’ve been shorter if the villains had been smarter”

DayZ and what video games now are lacking

The problem with current video games is that if it isn’t a sports game or something that resembles World of Warcraft or Call of Duty then it doesn’t really have a chance of getting greenlit by the big companies.  That’s why I was excited when I found about the mod for Arma called DayZ.  The premise is simple, the gameplay is hard, and that is why the game is awesome for anyone who played Nintendo. Continue reading “DayZ and what video games now are lacking”

Will VHS be the new vinyl?

What I mean by this title is when will VHS become the new form of vinyl?  And by that I mean when will VHS be the new hipster thing to have?  People have to hear it now from the trendy people who say things like: “The music on vinyl is so much more… pure.  Like, you hear the scratches and pops in a record and, like, you know, you don’t get that with a CD.  It’s a sound that’s like, it’s music in it’s purest form.  And that’s how I want to listen to music”.  And, clearly, the hipsters are winning because more and more bands are putting out a vinyl version of their newest CDs (Foo Fighters, for example) and there’s even an established Record Store Day on April 21.  For audiophiles, the record is the clear winner because the CD loses so much quality in transition, but there’s a difference between an audiophile and someone who just thinks having a record is cool.

Continue reading “Will VHS be the new vinyl?”