Will VHS be the new vinyl?

What I mean by this title is when will VHS become the new form of vinyl?  And by that I mean when will VHS be the new hipster thing to have?  People have to hear it now from the trendy people who say things like: “The music on vinyl is so much more… pure.  Like, you hear the scratches and pops in a record and, like, you know, you don’t get that with a CD.  It’s a sound that’s like, it’s music in it’s purest form.  And that’s how I want to listen to music”.  And, clearly, the hipsters are winning because more and more bands are putting out a vinyl version of their newest CDs (Foo Fighters, for example) and there’s even an established Record Store Day on April 21.  For audiophiles, the record is the clear winner because the CD loses so much quality in transition, but there’s a difference between an audiophile and someone who just thinks having a record is cool.

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